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(posted by Ayesha (ayesha) on Sunday, November 4th, 2007 at 3:16 pm)
Finally something that comes together more or less as planned...our Halloween decorations turned out amazingly well! Despite some loser who stole a few items we'd put out a couple of nights before, the display was a success. The trick-or-treaters loved our house and I must say I'm proud of my design work, especially since this was the first time I'd ever put together a project like this. I will also be forever grateful to my sweetie, who, upon seeing me in tears after the items were stolen, braved Party City the day before Halloween and brought back a ton of even more amazing props. She rocks!

We had a 6 ft. animatronic skeleton pirate singing songs, an evil animated talking doll, talking skulls, a tombstone with hands trying to claw their way out, a hanged skeleton in a lei and grass skirt, and much, much more.

Now for the pictures...

Many more here.
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